LinkedIn Audit

Why are your competitors closing more sales on LinkedIn than you? What is your audience interested in seeing content about? Not knowing how to answer means your business could be left in the dust.

A Custom LinkedIn Strategy With Tangible Data on Your Sector and Competitor

Close sales and build brand awareness with a personalized LinkedIn strategy that includes:

Competitive Analysis to Know What Works (And What Doesn’t)

LinkedIn SWOT Analysis will paint a clear picture of the successful tactics they’re using and areas of opportunity your competitors aren’t taken advantage of. 

Keyword Data Showcasing What Matters to Your Audience

Google keyword data shows you how many people are searching about subjects related to your industry a month. Receive a full list of content topics your audience is interested in to cover LinkedIn posts and articles. 

Actionable Instructions for Maximizing LinkedIn’s Potential

Get implementable tips on the most productive actions your brand can take to maximize LinkedIn for sales, recruiting, and every business goal. 

Build your personal brand now

Our LinkedIn Audit includes:

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